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Day: March 19, 2020

Preparation Before Starting Driving School

Preparation Before Starting Driving School – Nowadays, driving a private vehicle car has become a common thing most people choose to travel. No wonder the streets are getting stuck because there
are many people who prefer to drive private vehicles than public transportation.

Preparation Before Starting Driving School

Driving a car is actually not as easy as one might imagine. Usually people who drive on the streets are people who are already proficient or professional in driving, of course they already have a driving
license which proves they have been recognized as able to drive properly and correctly.

If you are one of those who want to use a private vehicle but are still afraid of being in a situation of public road congestion, you can learn to use the services of a driving school. You will be taught
proper driving. Starting from driving on a traffic jam, uphill, and also turning.

But before starting driving school, you need to prepare things, like:

School fees

The cost of a driving course varies depending on the package you want. Usually driving costs range from Rp 700,000 to Rp 1,500,000. The fee given depends on the completeness of the exercise. And
for those of you who want to get a driver’s license, the fee will be more expensive because after complete training, you will get a SIM.

Make sure the benefits are obtained

This is the preparation you have to do, which is to ensure the benefits you get from attending a driving school. Usually the driving course services will be given training options and services, so make
sure the service is useful for you and in accordance with the price provided.

Adjust Course Hours

Make sure the course hours don’t interfere with other activities. Because each driving school only provides a maximum of 10x meeting opportunities, it would be better to schedule meetings that are
rarely too long, for example like studying every 2 days.

Don’t be nervous

This is very important for those of you who want to quickly become an expert in driving. Don’t be afraid of traffic, because driving with an experienced instructor will still be safe for you.

The Learning Stage in the Driving Course

The Learning Stage in the Driving Course – Driving school has become one of the choices for all those who are not yet able to drive 4-wheeled vehicles, namely cars. To drive a car on the highway as in general requires an official driver’s license from the local government. Without the letter, you are not allowed to drive. And the problem is to get the certificate you will be given a driving test.

The driving test given is not as easy as you think. A little wrong, of course you will fail to meet the criteria to get permission. Therefore, it is better for beginners to study in a driving school first before taking the exam.

The Learning Stage in the Driving Course

At the driving school students will be taught the correct driving theory and at the same time practice on public roads to give you an immediate adjustment of the driving situation.

If you are interested in attending a driving school, prepare yourself before the course begins. And these are the detailed stages of knowledge or lessons to be given while driving a course.

Meeting 1

At the first meeting while attending a driving school, you will be taken to learn to adjust to a traffic jam. This is to practice patience and also to provide basic driving lessons during traffic jams. You will be taught to adjust the clutch when it is stuck so that the engine does not turn off. Because of course the clutch regulator is not easy for beginners.

2nd meeting

The instructor will take you to learn the car on a winding road. This is very important so that the arm is not stiff and you can get used to seeing the right and left mirrors.

3rd meeting

At the third meeting you will be trained on the road uphill. You will be given directions to adjust the clutch when climbing.

4th meeting

This is the last practically the driving school. You will be taught how to park properly. When teaching how to park, of course the instructor will come down and help see from the outside of the car. So you will be given the opportunity to learn on your own.

Benefits of Following Driving Schools

Benefits of Following Driving Schools – Nowadays many people want to use private vehicles rather than having to use public transportation. Dense roads and erratic weather make many people prefer
what he thinks is safe.

Indeed, to drive a vehicle in this world requires a driving license certificate which is indeed officially issued by the government, therefore many people still do not have it because there are tests that
need to be done by each registrant.

Benefits of Following Driving Schools

Many rumors say the driving test to get a certificate is not easy. There are many rules and obstacles, so beginners will usually fail due to a few mistakes. But there is an easy way you can do to get a
driving permit, which is to attend a driving school.

Driving schools cannot be underestimated, there are many benefits you can get from taking the course, as follows:

Low Learning Rates

Driving school fares are very cheap. Usually to attend a driving school there will be a package that gives you the opportunity to meet approximately 10 times to learn in theory and practice.

There can be a SIM package

Because getting a license to take care of yourself is very difficult. You have to take exams that are difficult, but if you take driving school, you can immediately get a SIM with additional fees and more
intensive lessons.

No Need to Fear of a Damaged Car

Because the driving school already has a special car to use for learning, of course you no longer have to worry about a car being scratched or damaged due to a collision while studying. You will be free
from replacement because the car is already used as a tool or learning media for students who attend driving schools.

No need to be afraid of crashing

The car you use to study at driving school has been modified in the instructor’s seat. There are already brakes, kompling, gas and others to maintain the safety of students who are studying.

Can Fast

Because learning with a driving expert, of course you will be faster because learning is more detailed than you learn by yourself with a great risk.