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Taking a course of defensive driving can help you to reduce the risk of driving by anticipating hazardous situations, despite adverse conditions among others. Be prepared to react to any given situation on the path and know what to do about it learning defensive driving skills at defensive driving schools. These courses will enhance your driving safety and will help you to reduce traffic accidents. Here we provide you a list of schools that offer this kind of courses. We invite you to review the information and know more about them.

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Louise Herrington School of Nursing
THE EXPERIENCE OF ILLNESS Exploration of the human experience of illness. In seminary style, students will examine illness narratives, essays, litera...
Address: 3700 Worth Street

School of Nursing
LOWER-DIVISION ELECTIVE COURSES INTRODUCTION TO NURSING Introduces nursing to those planning a career in nursing, but who are not yet enrolled in th...

Department. of Nursing
DIRECTED INDEPENDENT STUDY Opportunity for guided but independent study in a selected area of nursing or health care. Projects include in-depth readi...
Address: 500 Washington Street SE

School of Nursing
LOWER DIVISION COURSES INTRODUCTION TO PROFESSIONAL NURSING PROCESS AND SKILLS I Introduction to nursing therapeutics: nursing process, documenta...
Address: 5151 State University Drive

Division of Health Professions
CONTEMPORARY CONCEPTS IN PROFESSIONAL NURSING: This course is designed to assist the practicing RN transition to the role of baccalaureate nursing st...
Address: 555 Broadway

School of Nursing
Address: Box 5000

School of Nursing - College of Health and Human Services
ORIENTATION TO NURSING Assists freshmen in choosing nursing as major and career goal; professional nurse's role, history of nursing, future trend...
Address: 110 McFall Center

School of Nursing
SURVEY OF PROFESSIONAL NURSING AND HEALTHCARE Introduces students to the mission, vision, philosophy, and distinctives of the North Park University S...
Address: 3225 West Foster Avenue

Department of Nursing
NURSING IN HEALTH AND ILLNESS Philosophical and theoretical foundations of nursing practice as a caring discipline. Basic physiological and psychosoc...
Address: 1801 E. Cotati Avenue, Nichols Hall, Room 262

Nursing Department
THEORETICAL FOUNDATIONS OF PROFESSIONAL NURSING Designed as an introduction to selected concepts that contribute to the foundation of professional nu...
Address: 501 Crescent Street, New Nursing Building 101E

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