Driver License in Canada

Driver License

The drivers' licenses are issued by the government of each province in Canada, where drivers are residing. The regulations related to driver's license vary by province, although they are quite similar. In many provinces, non residents are also allowed to use regular licenses issued by other states and countries. Due to international agreements and treaties, Canadian licenses are also valid in United States and many other countries.

Canadian provinces act similar than U.S. states, so regulations may vary a little in different cities across the country. The rules of the road are the following:
  • Canadians drive on the right.
  • Speeds and distances appear in kilometers (not miles).
  • Although speed limits are usually posted, it is important to know what the maximum speeds are. They are as follows:
    • 50 km per hour in and around cities.
    • 80-100 km per hour on highways.
    • 60-80 km per hour in rural areas.
Below are listed by province, the Department or government office in charge of driver license in Canada. Visiting the websites you can find information about getting a new driving license, driving programs, how to renew your license and much more.

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