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Traffic Laws

Every state of every country has their own traffic laws; drivers must know more about rules and obey orders of who are directing traffic, before they start to drive on road.

Traffic Laws

What Is A Traffic Ticket?

A traffic ticket generally is expedited by exceeding the speed limit or making a parking violation. This notification is committed as a minor legal infraction issued by a law enforcement official to a road user.

In some countries the ticket constitutes a penalty but in other cases is only a citation to traffic court. In Australia the traffic laws are based upon the Australian Road Rules, where the traffic tickets are called infringement notices written in 3 pieces known as Part A, B and C. The Part C is given to the accused person. In Canada drinking and driving are considered as a criminal violation and the item is part of traffic laws. In United States are considered also civil infractions, controlled by each state's Department of Motor Vehicles. Each of these countries keeps a database with the motorists and their traffic violations.

Basic Traffic Laws:

  • Don't get drunk and drive. Don't drive when you're taking medication that will affect your concentration.
  • At all times wear your seat belt.
  • Follow the speed limits. Slow down when street and weather conditions are poor.
  • Don't take risks: don't cut people off in traffic, make abrupt lane changes or run yellow lights.
  • Don't drive when you're exhausted, troubled or sick.
  • If you're in doubt, let the other driver go first yield the right-of-way.
  • Keep a two-second space between your vehicle and the one ahead. To check your distance: start counting when the vehicle ahead passes a fixed object; stop counting when your automobile reaches the same spot.
  • Cut the disturbance: don't overcrowd the automobile or play loud music.
  • At all times verify your blind spot: look in your mirror and over your shoulder before you change lanes.
  • Check traffic in all directions before going into a crossroad.

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