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If you become a driving instructor, you will have to teach students to drive safely, give targeted lessons depending on students’ strengths and weaknesses, develop the skills they need to pass their test and adapt the training course to suit their needs. You will also have the choice to work as many hours you want. Of course being a driver instructor will demand you to be prepared for those tasks. There are different driving schools that will prepare you for being a driving instructor. Take a look to the following schools we provide you here. 

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College of Nursing
MATH FOR NURSES An elective course designed to assist the student with the math requirement for demonstrating competence in calculating medication do...
Address: 7502 Fondren Rd

School of nursing
NURSING FUNDAMENTALS Basic nursing theory and skills for beginning clinical practicum. Required lab fee. NURSING THEORY, PROCESS AND SKILLS Bridg...
Address: 1936 North St., P.O. Box 430

Decker School of Nursing
SOCIALIZATION INTO THE PROFESSIONAL ROLE I Responsibilities, ethics and values of profession and practice of professional nursing role. Communication...
Address: PO Box 6001, Binghamton University

School of Nursing

COMPUTERS FOR NURSES Introduces students to the use of computers in health care and educational settings for health professionals. The student w...
Address: 403 Main St.

Nursing Department
INTRODUCTION TO NURSING An overview of the profession of nursing, introducing participants to the philosophy and conceptual framework of the Departme...
Address: One Angwin Avenue, 116 Davidian Hall

California State University, Fresno
BEGINNING TOPICS IN NURSING Not available for credit in the nursing major. Selected topics in nursing for prenursing and/or beginning nursing studen...
Address: 2345 E. San Ramon M/S MH25

Department of Nursing
PRE-NURSING STRATEGIES This Course is designed for pre-nursing students who have an interest in exploring and preparing for a course of study in the...
Address: 82 College Circle

School of Nursing
LOWER-DIVISION ELECTIVE COURSES INTRODUCTION TO NURSING Introduces nursing to those planning a career in nursing, but who are not yet enrolled in th...

School of Nursing
SPECIAL TOPICS An exploration and study of topics not covered in other departmental offerings. Students may elect more than once, provided different ...
Address: 311 Marshall Building

School of Nursing
LOWER DIVISION COURSES INTRODUCTION TO PROFESSIONAL NURSING PROCESS AND SKILLS I Introduction to nursing therapeutics: nursing process, documenta...
Address: 5151 State University Drive

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