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Driving Job Search

Driving Job Search

Did you know that there are a wide selection of roles within the driving work sector? If don't we invite you to read the following information about the diverse employment available for those whom drive is their passion and career. Once you have decided which job you would like to perform, the next step is to apply a company which offers you the desired job. The job search process involves also write a good cover letter and resume, that is why we give you some tips about this. Having many options for driving related jobs, we encourage you to make the best, in order you find the right job.

The driving job sector includes part-time and full-time as well as logistics and transports jobs. In order drivers work in such activities, they will require to have the adequate preparation and experience, depending on the recruiters' requirements. It will be really necessary you have your license to get the job, some companies ask for minimal licensing while others for higher level licenses. Job positions are able for the following drivers:
  • Class C1 drivers
  • Class C1 + E drivers
  • Class 1 drivers (Class C + E)
  • Class 2 drivers (Class C)
  • Van drivers
  • Tonne drivers
  • Yard shunt drivers
  • Couriers, etc
Driving possitions include truck drivers, deliver driver, transport controllers, etc. Once you have decided which position to apply, there are also other things you have to take into consideration such as looking for information on Internet to find job offers, writing a good resume, among others things.

Truck driving

Looking for work on the web

Some years ago, the main resources for finding job advices were the newspaper ads, but today online boards are the main source where people look into, in order to find a job. Online boards are updated daily and offer people an easy process for searching jobs, because they only have to introduce some keywords in the search engine in order to find appropriate advices which matches their profile. Internet is a good alternative to find job offers. We recommend you to take into consideration the following things:
  • Review the most important sites that contain job listings.
  • Search the job board of the company web page you would like to work for.
  • Always keep your resume updated and try using resume templates.

How to write an effective cover letter?

It is common for many job seekers to write a cover letter to get some job interviews, therefore it should be enclosed to your resume. This structured document is divided into four parts which are the header, the introduction, the body, and the closing.

In the cover letter, you must demonstrate your abilities, skills and experience. First greet the person to whom your letter is addressed, and then show your interest in the position and the area where you want to work. Finally don't forget to write your contact numbers.


There are many resume samples on the Internet, have a look at these websites in order to write a good document. These samples are very useful to improve your resume as you can see contact information is always at the top.

A resume should be concise, contain relevant information about you and your abilities. It is recommended to use keywords on your resume since these make the difference between others. Employers usually use sophisticated software to select resumes. If you need help with this, you can find some resume samples on the web. How you can see the job search process include important steps, you need to successfully follow in order to get the right job in the driving sector.