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Driving Resume

Driving Resume

Transportation groups are always in need of experienced, honest and reliable drivers and staff. There are many jobs available in this field: from distribution manager to logistics experts and drivers. Finding the right company and job is only one piece of the puzzle. From here, it is time to complete the application and submit a polished resume. This document should some up one's professional experiences, training and related certifications and skills. Using a template ensures people can quickly and efficiently shape a memorable resume. The following are some tips for people looking for driving jobs with reputable transportation companies.

Using an Online Resource for driving resume templates

The Internet makes it easy to find and apply for transportation companies. By visiting a website like ResumeTemplate.org, one can search by his or her interested industry to find resume writing help. This gives professional drivers an important resource to use when shaping his or her resume. Different positions need different types of resumes. In the driving world, transportation companies want to know that applicants have the necessary experience and training to keep both the fleet or vehicles and cargo safe. This resource makes it easy to use Transport resume templates. One can download the shipping and receiving resume as a Word or PDF file and can also print it from the website.

Use a Template

Templates are a great tool to use because they are focused on specific industries and types of positions. A driving job resume is one that clearly explains a person's experience in the industry as well as certifications, skills and information about education and training. Transportation companies want reliable people who can keep cargo safe. A polished resume will be clear about the types of driving experience an applicant has. Different jobs involve different skills. Using a specialized template to apply for a driving position ensures that a professional can quickly input his or her experience and secure a great job.

Understand the Driving Job Application

The first step to applying for driving positions is understanding what managers and companies want. The priority of transportation companies is to safely transport items from one location to another. Thus, drivers need to be certified and have necessary training. This resume should include a wealth of information about past positions, the trucks one has driven, distances one has traveled and the amount and type of cargo that has been transported. Applicants need to thorough and honest about past work experience.


At the start of the template, one needs to be clear about the type of position they are applying for. This ensures that a company understands the applicant's goals. The objective states the type of position one wants. This is also the section where applicants can explain the type of company they want to work for.


The summary explains one's character, personality and the professional traits that make the applicant special. For example, if an individual is motivated and thorough, this is a chance to sum up such characteristics. Similarly, familiarity with different types of trucks, GPS technology, and other industry technology should be included here. The Summary should be short, sweet, and clear about one's strengths.

Work Experience

Using the Online-resume.org templates, one can simply enter basic information about the name of past employers. This should include the dates of employment, location of the company and details about one's duties. Only relevant job experience should be listed here (i.e. positions similar to the one a person wants).

Education and Training

Lastly, one should explain one's education. This means everything from listing the high school to any truck driving schools one attended. Companies want to know where applicants went to school and what their training is like.

Companies around the world need reliable drivers and professionals. A resume is important if an applicant wants a great driving position. Thanks to Onlineresume.org, people can build polished and professional resumes that explain key experiences, trainings, education and goals. This is a chance to find great jobs and build a great career in this industry.