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There are many driving schools where you can get manual transmission lessons. Driving a manual transmission car can be difficult at the beginning but with practice you will become an expert manipulating stick shifts, clutches, and pedals, you will learn concepts like the friction point, shifting, un-shifting, downshifting and more. Additionally driving a manual car you will see the increase of your concentration when driving becoming more alert to traffic, however, it is important take automatic transmissions lessons. 

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College of Nursing
NURSING PROCESS IN HEALTH PROMOTION Within a holistic framework, the student focuses on nursing and client systems, health, human needs, communicatio...
Address: 450 Clarkson Ave

Department of Nursing
SCIENCE OF NURSING AND EVOLVING HEALTH CARE SYSTEM This is a Level I, introductory theory course, taken upon acceptance into the Nursing Program. Thi...
Address: 1000 Hempstead Ave

School of Nursing
COMPUTERS IN NURSING This course covers theories and concepts related to the application of computer technology in nursing. The major focus of the c...
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School of Nursing
NURSING PROCESS I Introduction to basic concepts in nursing. The nursing process is explored in depth along with other theoretical foundations for nu...
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School of Nursing

PATHOPHYSIOLOGY LAB / CLINICAL / LK This course consists of the study of selected national health problems and their nursing implications. Respi...
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School of Nursing
LOWER DIVISION COURSES INTRODUCTION TO PROFESSIONAL NURSING PROCESS AND SKILLS I Introduction to nursing therapeutics: nursing process, documenta...
Address: 5151 State University Drive

School of Nursing
Address: Box 5000

Department of Nursing
SURVEY OF NURSING SCIENCE Provides an introduction to nursing as a scientific discipline with its own unique body of knowledge. Contemporary health c...
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School of Nursing
INTRODUCTION TO HUMAN NUTRITION Explores the fundamental role of nutrition in promoting health. Studies the physiological functions of nutrients, the...
Address: 360 Huntington Avenue, 102 Robinson Hall

Kirkhof College of Nursing
EXPLORATIONS IN NURSING An introduction to the discipline of professional nursing, including historical, educational, and theoretical development. De...
Address: 301 Michigan St. NE

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