How to Avoid Aggressive Driving

Aggressive Driver

Don't offend

Avoid to cut other drivers, and always give them room to merge into your lane. If you're in the left lane and somebody wants to pass, move over and let him by. Allow at least a two-second gap between your car and the one ahead. Keep your hands on the wheel and avoid to make any gestures that might anger another driver.

Don't engage

Give angry drivers lots of room. Avoid eye contact with them. If you believe they're trying to start a fight, get help call the police on your cellular phone or drive to a place with other people around. Try to get out of the vicinity of the aggressive driver.

Adjust your attitude

Forget winning don't race the clock to get some place. Put yourself in the other driver's shoes and don't take erratic driving behavior personally the other driver may be a volunteer fireman or physician responding to a call for help. If you think you have a problem, look for anger-management courses in your area.