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Aggresive Driving

In general the meaning of "aggressive driving" is no consensus but has become a serious problem on roadways, mainly caused by roads more crowded and by irritability of drivers. It refers to any display of aggression by a driver. Every state around the world defines what actions deserve penalties. This guide describes more extreme actions of drivers and their characteristics.

There are two items associated to aggressive driving: the first term are aggressive drivers defining to whom force their way ahead traffic by engaging in reckless maneuvers with the characteristics of anger, impatience, competitiveness and vindictiveness. By other way road rage is refer to a physically attack between two drivers by a traffic dispute.

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The most common indicators that increases the measure of aggressive driving is considered as part of traffic violations, as a percent of injuries and fatalities:

Characteristics of aggressive drivers:

Usually aggressive drivers don't believe there will be consequences to their actions. Read these characteristics about them:
  • Usually they take out frustration on anybody at any time.
  • Not respect the posted speed limit in any situation.
  • They run stops signs and red lights, tailgate and weave in and out of traffic.
  • Almost always make improper and unsafe lane changes.
  • Hand and facial gestures are their common language.
  • Flash their lights in unnecessary situations.

What to do if you encounter an aggressive driver?
  • Keep your distance.
  • Don't try to pass unless you have to.
  • Be prudent and remain calm.
  • Don't respond to hostile gestures from aggressive driver.
  • If the aggressive driver is following you, stay where you are and maintain the proper speed. Be patient.

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