Distracted driving

No matters where you live, at this time there are more and more things that can catch our attention. We need being communicated all the time and that is the reason why people get devices of latest technology: cell phones, iPods or GPS units; and if added the inevitable marketing that we see every day on streets, obviously that get to lose attention when we are behind the wheel. However avoiding and preventing certain driver distractions, we minimize road accidents that could be able to cost us life.

Follow these steps to avoid being distracted:
  • Any adjustment to vehicle shouldn't be made while driving: radio stations, compact disc player, air conditioning or mirrors. Try to change to pre set options and only when you stop your vehicle.
  • If you plan to drink, don't drive. Many accidents occur only for imprudent drivers. Don't put your life or other people in danger, be conscious.
  • Place the cell phone within easy reach, but if you receive a call at an inconvenient time, let your voice mail answer it for you. Don't take your eyes off of the road.
  • Don't read or send text messages while driving.
  • Don't attempt reading address book or look up phone numbers while driving. You could lose attention to the road or nearby vehicles.
  • Turn off the road, if you need read something or use a map.
  • Avoid changing your clothes while driving.
  • Under no circumstances get groom while driving.
  • Avoid eating or drinking while driving, these could be extremely dangerous.
  • Don't use headphones and listen the music with a reasonable volume. The case could be that an emergency vehicle be near.
  • Don't smoke, avoid lighting up and don't falling ashes while driving.
  • If your passengers are children, talk with them about some basic recommendation before you start driving.

Distracted DrivingDistracted Driving