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Passengers Safety

The driver's responsibility is passenger's safety to make sure that they are safe. Generally drivers forget to take basic precautions at the time they are driving, is important take conscience and to have some advices in consideration that would be able to save our life in a future unexpected accident. Car passenger safety will be the best way to prevent unfortunate accidents.

In some cases the seatbelts use could be save your life, but it is only responsible of passengers. Nowadays we can see videos showing the impact during an unfortunate accident.

In Australia, about 70% of young children injured on roads each year are passengers. Fall from a fourth floor window onto concrete is equivalent that the impact suffered by an unrestrained child in a car crash at 60km/h. But many of these deaths can be prevented, especially in our precious passengers, the children.

School bus passenger safety has a no ordinary protection system called compartmentalization, absorbing energy during a crash due to their closely spaced seats stronger well padded. The system gives security to kinder garden student and high school senior without seat belts.

IMPORTANT: Under no circumstances children must never be left alone in a car, even for short periods. They exposed to:
  • Burns from hot seatbelt buckles and vinyl fittings.
  • Heat stress and dehydration.
  • Playing with car controls - such as hand brakes, gear levers, cigarette lighters, power windows and the ignition.
  • Car thieves.

What says the law?

To look after the safety of passenger, as a driver, is an important moral and legal responsibility, matter of fact, in most countries drivers are responsible for the safety of passenger that are 16 years of age or younger.

Always fill the back seat with the smaller children, in case you are travelling with more than one, as the back seat is the safest for children, do not sit children in the front seat unless you have no option and you have the correct restraint for the size and weight of the children that is taking that seat.

Children are a big responsibility when they travel in a vehicle, do never leave them alone in a car, no matter for how long, as they may get burns from the seatbelt buckles, be victims of car thieves, they may play with the car controls or cigarette lighters, suffer from heat stress even if they are left alone for a few minutes. Remember that the law forbids any person leave a child unattended in a vehicle.

Most children do not listen to grownup people about rules, such as buckling up, in order to avoid such situations it is better to educate children at home about the importance of respecting these rules, and to have family rules about driving safety.

Some typical phrases that children get are:
  • "Once everybody is buckled up, we will go"
  • "I'm sorry but if somebody unbuckles the car stops"
  • "I will help you buckle/unbuckle your seatbelt"
Some general safety tips for passenger include:
  • Not to leave loose cargo at the back of the car (station wagons and similar) as they may fly all the way to the front seat in case of collision.
  • Reward good behavior from children.
  • Make yourself comfortable and leave room in front of your knees.
  • Make sure the headrest is well-placed.
  • Check the seatbelt is tight and well-placed.