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Rainy Weather

Probably a rainy weather can cause the most indescribable accidents. Maintain your vehicle up to scratch and you can keep yourself and passengers safe on the road.

During heavy rain conditions you should:
  • Keep the speed down, is possible that a layer of water formed and the tires of a car don't touch the road, you wouldn't be able to take the control to brake or steer.
  • Double stop distance to the car in front of you. Prepare to reduce always the pressure on the brake pedal to avoid an accident.
  • Always visibility in rainy weathers is reduced for drivers. You need to turn on your headlight to get more visible to other drivers.

In flooded roads:
  • Avoid driving on flooded roads, turn back and find another way.
  • Water is dangerous, it can cause to float a car and easily move away from a road or bridge.
  • Leave the car if you notice that water rise rapidly.
  • Driving in a floodwater, move slowly in first gear, and keep the engine speed high.