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The Learning Stage in the Driving Course – Driving school has become one of the choices for all those who are not yet able to drive 4-wheeled vehicles, namely cars. To drive a car on the highway as in general requires an official driver’s license from the local government. Without the letter, you are not allowed to drive. And the problem is to get the certificate you will be given a driving test.

The driving test given is not as easy as you think. A little wrong, of course you will fail to meet the criteria to get permission. Therefore, it is better for beginners to study in a driving school first before taking the exam.

The Learning Stage in the Driving Course

At the driving school students will be taught the correct driving theory and at the same time practice on public roads to give you an immediate adjustment of the driving situation.

If you are interested in attending a driving school, prepare yourself before the course begins. And these are the detailed stages of knowledge or lessons to be given while driving a course.

Meeting 1

At the first meeting while attending a driving school, you will be taken to learn to adjust to a traffic jam. This is to practice patience and also to provide basic driving lessons during traffic jams. You will be taught to adjust the clutch when it is stuck so that the engine does not turn off. Because of course the clutch regulator is not easy for beginners.

2nd meeting

The instructor will take you to learn the car on a winding road. This is very important so that the arm is not stiff and you can get used to seeing the right and left mirrors.

3rd meeting

At the third meeting you will be trained on the road uphill. You will be given directions to adjust the clutch when climbing.

4th meeting

This is the last practically the driving school. You will be taught how to park properly. When teaching how to park, of course the instructor will come down and help see from the outside of the car. So you will be given the opportunity to learn on your own.